July 15, 2005

Wine Blogging Local Wines

I wanted to love this wine. Heck, I wanted to LIKE this wine! I noticed about a year ago that a little Mexican food place down the street form my office had closed (There was a photyocopied sign on the door saying something about the non-payment of rent), and would stop back occasionally to see what the great county of Fort Bend would allow us to have.

Imagine my surprise when I went by around Christmas, and noticed a sign on the door that stand Circle S Vineyards would soon be opening in that spot. A Vineyard? In Sugar Land, TX???

Now, let me say right now that I don’t LIVE in Sugar Land (Hope of Imperial Sugar and Tom Delay), I only work there. I will write about where I live by and by. S-Land is a typical Houston suburb, with typical Houston suburban leanings. I never thought that a Vinyard was one of them.

So I waited, and waited. And waited…

They finally opened, and I slipped over there one Thursday afternoon. Nice facility. They have the primary fermentation tanks (Stainless Steel) there. They have some oak barrels, too, but I was unclear as to whether or not they were for show or for real.

I talked to the Vintner, who is fifth generation at this sort of thing. He grows some grapes up around Centerville (so named because it is midway between Houston and Dallas) and imports some from Italy. I asked for a taste, and he reluctantly agreed. I had a Montepulciano. I thought it was OK, so I bought a couple of bottles of this, and a couple of his Sangiovese.

We tried the Sangiovese earlier, and found it very simple and fruity. Much like red Koolaid.

Tonight, in recognition of Wine Blogging Wednesday #12 we tried the Montepulciano. It had more to say for itself, but it was still a very simple, fruit forward wine. No tannin, no acid, no nuthin! were my notes on CellarTracker. I like to drink local wines, and I like some Texas wines. I think that this one needs more time.