April 15, 2011

Famous people speaking famously

These past two days I have been a judge in the Rice Business Plan Competition. It is a great event, and I love participating. I may write up a little about it tomorrow, but tonight I am just going to comment about a very famous VC who gave a presentation there this afternoon.

Many people believe that his fellow is God-like in his ability to identify companies and executives. Indeed, when he was introduced by the President of Rice, he was compared to Lincoln talking to a bunch of Civil War Buffs.

Of course, since I just finished reading Tony Horwitz great book, Confederates in the Attic, I know that most "Civil War Buffs" would not be characterized as Lincoln fans. (This is what you get for having a Yankee running Rice)

But maybe he was not far off.

The man was a truly great speaker. He was holding the crowd in the palm of his hard. But all that was coming out of his mouth was platitudes.

I won't dwell on this as I think it makes me seem bitter, and I am not a bitter person, and indeed have nothing at all to feel bitter about regarding this gentleman.

But I honestly had hoped for something more insightful from a man who has been so tremendously successful.

Maybe next year.

April 11, 2011

New Birth in the Backyard

Spring came early to Houston this year. We have already seen one clutch of White Wing doves hatch, fledge, and fly:
From Doves and Monarchs
and that was quickly followed by the Monarchs finding our Milkweed (aka Butterfly Weed) plants again. This led to caterpillars:
From Spring 2011 in the yard
From Doves and Monarchs
From Doves and Monarchs
and finally, Butterfly:
From Doves and Monarchs
Ah, the circle of life!