September 20, 2011

Dumb Speeders

I drove back to Houston from San Antonio this morning. Well, I left San Antonio this morning, I got to Houston this afternoon. Part of the problem was that I left much later that I had hoped to leave. (Yes, my day job is in Houston) Another factor was great BBQ in Luling:

 But the real issue was that the County Sheriffs, State DPS Troopers, and City Policemen were out in force.

At least from San Antonio to Seguin. Now, let me stipulate here that I never speed. Never, ever do I consciously break the speed limit in my car:


 I mean this car:

simply does not lend itself to such illegal activity.

So, now that we have that out of the way. I must have been about 30 miles outside of San Antonio, and was using my cruise control (which I seldom do. I don't like giving up that much control when you drive) so I was crawling along at the speed limit (see my stipulation above) of 70 MPH. (I may concede that the margin of error on the speedometer is probably about 2 MPH. So I may have unknowingly have been traveling at about 72 MPH. But I would never do that on purpose)

A car slowly started to pass me. He was pretty much just crawling past me (this is why I don't really like cruise control), so I am guessing that he was going, at the outside 75 MPH. He gets about 1/2 mile ahead of me, and I see that he is coming alongside of a state trooper (DPS here in Texas). I almost shouted to the empty air (well, probably to John Hiatt. But he wasn't paying attention) DON'T DO IT!!!

But he did. He slowly pass the trooper, probably thinking, "I get my 5 MPH over no matter what!" or more likely he was thinking "Doh dee doh, doh dee doh" and was most likely surprised when as soon as he got past the cop, and pulled back into the slow lane, the trooper hit his lights and pulled him over.

I know he was surprised, because it probably took a mile for him to stop.

But I did feel sorry for him.

I was chastised for having schadenfreude when I see people pulled over.

But since I never speed, I can't really feel empathy.

San Antonio

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The Alamo


It is much smaller than you think it should be.

I did not take the tour, I did not have the time.

I will have to come back.
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This could be the best BBQ in the state of Texas

From City Market in Luling:

It was so good, I want to drive back tomorrow.

But I won't.
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September 18, 2011

Our Tenth Anniversary

Saturday, the 17th of September was our 10th wedding anniversary:

From Wedding Pictures
(this is what we all looked like 10 years ago)

Here we are five years ago:
From Anniversary Party

From 10th Anniversary Party
(This is what we look like now)

We had a great meal with everyone who was with us at the original party, plus the addition of two new spouses.

Didn't we look like babies?

From Wedding Pictures
Now we look like adults:
From 10th Anniversary Party
We had a great meal at Brennan's, where we had our wedding party as well as our 5th anniversary party:
From 10th Anniversary Party
I have to say that the soup was the best thing of the evening.

It was great to see everyone again.

We need to do this more often.

September 2, 2011

Fish Friday

On 1 July this year my sweet ever lovin' and I decided that we would have fish on Fridays here at the Stevenson House.

It did happen to correspond to the opening of the new Whole Foods on Waugh, which is in a direct line form my office to the house. And I can easily stop there for a chunk of fish that we would have for dinner.

My younger brother, Matthew, has been telling me to cook fish for years, but I resisted. It is sort of slimy.

But we have held fast to the plan, and we have had some great meals.

Our first was a Yellowtail Snapper:

Beautiful! and delicious:

(we ate it before we could take photos) We also had red snapper:
Grouper, Shrimp, Mussels, and Salmon. (I only have photos of the mussels)

(thanks to Rick and Toni for that hint!)

This week we had Dover Sole:

along with carprese salad and corn pudding.

What a great tradition!