August 28, 2013

Another preview post

I am not used to posting on Blogger, as I haven not done it in a while. So I am testing it out, in combination with Picasa to see how I can get back into it.

You can see the Little Gallo and Blaze are helping us get ready

wide angle type shot of the house. I like this camera (Lumix DMC-ZS25) as it is easy to use, has this cool stitching function, and has a 20x optical zoom. Crazy!

Blaze looking for cats

I don't like to leave because I have to leave my coffee maker. Rumor has it that Japan has very good coffee. I am eager to try some.

New computer. This is a Sony Vaio Pro-11. Windows 8, and it weighs under two pounds (1 lb 14.5 oz by my calculations) without the power supply (which is also tiny). It weighs less than my Samsung pad with its keyboard. We'll see how it goes!

Now, just call me Shogun.

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Starting this puppy up again

We will be heading to Japan next week for about 10 days. I have work for three of those days (Doreen will be touristing) and then we will be goofing off.

I will use this site for photos and stories.

I will be putting things on Facebook as well, just because it is ubiquitous.