May 31, 2005

This was not staged. When Little Guy was small, he would jump on my shoulder or head while I was working on the computer. Posted by Hello

Big White (Gone, but not forgotten) and Djimmah Posted by Hello

This is Little Guy, AKA Malmo, AKA Nemo. Posted by Hello

This is is Djimmah. She is sort of standoffish... Posted by Hello

May 28, 2005

Me with Bill White, Mayor of Houston, and Doreen (My Wife) Posted by Hello

Napoleon's horse: Vizier. He is stuffed in a museum in Paris. Posted by Hello

Me, with a shotgun Posted by Hello

Out for a night on the town Posted by Hello

Hey! Whose head is that? Posted by Hello

Cononut Palms Posted by Hello

Dan in The Tropics Posted by Hello

New Camera, New Photos

I got a new digital camera not too long ago. I also bought a 1 GByte compact flash card to go with it. That means that with high resolution, I can have over 1,000 images on the camera at a time. I am a picture taking fool!

It wasn't me, I swear! Posted by Hello

You lookin' at me? Posted by Hello