July 19, 2006

From the NYTimes

You will need a subscription to the NYTimes to read this, but it is a good article:

Talking Points - The Rise of the Super-Rich by Teresa Tritch - New York Times

Income inequality is getting worse in the USA

The link below is to a PDF file discussing income distribution in the USA.

To be in the top 1% of income in the US in 20o4 you had to make more than $315k (that is per household)

pikettyqje.pdf (application/pdf Object)

July 13, 2006

Ken Lay and James Byrd???

That is the most absurd analogy I have ever heard:

Chron.com | Lay praised by family and friends

Next thing you know, Ken was walking on water while he fed teh poor with loaves and fishes.

He was convicted. That may be vacted, but the fact is that he was convicted by a jury of his peers.

July 12, 2006

One of my wife's buddies

Wrote this play.

It is a shame that Bruce won't give us his e-mail address. I would ask for his comments.

I would like to get to Chicago to see this:

Acerbic, sociopolitical farce takes no prisoners, needs soul Chicago Tribune

(You may need to register. It is worth it)

July 4, 2006

I have posted photos of our house before. But here is a PDF file of the history of the house. It is on the National Register of Hysterical Places. Posted by Picasa