May 11, 2009

To Oslo! To Turkey!

I will be taking off in the morning for Oslo. Then to Turkey. I will be blogging at a new address for this trip - you can find it here. (It also has an RSS feed)

I am uncertain of the Internet access on the Anatolian Plains. But I will do my best.

Alt Text: The Craigslist Free-Couch Blues | Underwire

Alt Text: The Craigslist Free-Couch Blues | Underwire

May 10, 2009

I met this man in 1996

And I quit when he bought the company I was working for:

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

Passing a subway station

Passing a subway station from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

That is the station where I get out in Oslo to go to my hotel.

I did not, of course, make that video, but I recognized the station when I saw it.

May 7, 2009

Oh God, what am I doing here?

Tonight Doreen was off discussing Out Stealing Horses with some old friends. I was left alone with some old friends as well.

After Doreen was whisked away by her friend in a Mini-Cooper, I sat on the front porch reading my Kindle about Turkey. When it started to get dark, I went in. I don't yet have a light for the Kindle.

Then I made supper. 1/2 of a cold bratwurst (you can see the rest of it here) with some home made sauerkraut. I had a couple of bottles of Rio Blanco Pale Ale with the wurst and kraut.

While eating, I read in the New York Times Magazine how horrible it is to live in a socialist country like The Netherlands.

Then I came upstairs and put on some music.

No videos, no reading, just alone listening to some tunes.

I started with the Holy Modal Rounder's disc "Last Round"

My baby don't bother to wear,
none of that pink underwear.
She's so slick and sleazy,
She just don't care.

There is plenty more that would not be appropriate for a family blog.

Then I moved onto Graham Parsons' disc "The Grievous Angel"

I remember something you once told me
I'll be damned if it did not come true
20,000 roads I've been down, down, down.
They all bring me straight back home to you.

What is it about artists and Heroin?

Then I turned on Tom Waits and "A Foreign Affair"

Trains and planes and boats and buses
Evoke a common attitude of Blue
Unless you have a suitcase, a ticket and a passport
and the cargo that their carrying is You.

and David Bromberg's dual disc that included "Bandit in a Bathing Suit". I think he is the only heroin free artist this evening

As you read this letter that I write to you
Sweetheart, I hope you understand.
You're the only love I've even known
So please forgive me if you can.

and rounding the evening out with Warren Zevon's first (self titled) disk.

Don't the sun look angry through the trees
Don't the trees look like crucified leaves
Don't you feel like desperados under the eves
Heaven help the one who weeps.

All the lyrics are from memory.

Which is the best, don't you think?

So long Norman.

She said: "So long, Norman"

May 6, 2009

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

Lose Weight: Spend More Time Eating - The Atlantic Business Channel

Lose Weight: Spend More Time Eating - The Atlantic Business Channel

Dylan Thomas


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

May 4, 2009

Jung Center Gala

Doreen was invited to the Jung Center's gala (ie, big fund-raiser) this evening.

I had to go, too.

They had Cokie Roberts as the main attraction.

The speakers started off painfully. Did you know that Jungian psychology consists of new age platitudes and pretensions? Well, according to what the director of the Jung center here said, that is exactly what it consists of.

But it got better once we got past the tributes and self aggrandizement.

Cokie Roberts, to no surprise, is an excellent speaker.

She talked about her books, and her mother (who lives on Bourbon Street! Across from Pat O'Brien's!) and her great aunts (4 women, 9 husbands between them)

Her theme was “Untold Stories” (which I guess is a Jungian thing. I certainly wish that the director of the center had left his stories untold) and she was focusing on the stories of women in the course of the development of the country. All very good.

For you Brownies, she spoke of the current president of Brown, Ruth Simmons. A Texan, who lived for some time here in Houston. Also the first African American president of an Ivy League school.

Her comments, when she was invested in the position, resonate true:

“...a job is a job is a job. But, a life is something that is just too short. Live a life that you can be happy with.

Jung center gala

Could not be more pretentious.

Can people tell pate from dog food?

AAWE_WP36.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Money quote:


Subjects significantly disliked the taste of dog food compared to a range of comestible meat products with similar ingredients. Subjects were not better than random at identifying dog food among five unlabeled samples. These two results would seem to be paradoxical. Why did the 72% of subjects who ranked sample C as worst in terms of taste not guess that sample C was dog food?

Water lily

May 2, 2009

Looking good

Onions and brats on the grill

My father would not approve!

We moved to the back porch

Boiling brats

Starting the charcoal

Brats braising in beer

Shiner bock


From the book _False Economy_:

...of America's sixteen biggest cities in 1959, only four have a larger population today then then, even thought the national population has double.


Sp on porch

Sitting on the front porch

After a short walk

Brats for supper

Once these are thawed, we will boil in beer, grill, and serve with home made sauerkraut.