November 16, 2005

What do you do, again?

I was interviewed for a radio show tonight. It is a business program that airs Saturday mornings here in Houston call The Business Makers. The host is the husband of a good friend of mine, (he is a good friend as well) and he wanted to get me on to talk about my career and how I ended up where I am.

It was sort of fun to be the center of attention, and have someone ask about your history. I go to a lot of parties these days, usually fund raising type parties for my wife. And all I am there is arm candy. If I don’t raise anyone’s hackles or make a spectacle of myself it is considered a successful event. (I sound fussier about it than I am. Occasionally they have a nice wine, and I meet someone I like. Very occasionally)

But this gave me a chance to talk about all my jobs. They go something like this:

Shoveled snow
Paper boy
Cemetery worker
Student worker in a Iron Mine in Peru
Coop student engineer in an underground coal mine in Illinois
Coop student engineer in a surface coal mine in Wyoming
Addressing letters for an insurance company in Madison. (I did this for my sister Melanie. I think she fired me because my handwriting was so bad.)
Engineer for Exxon Minerals
Engineer for Exxon Synthetics
Customer Support for David P Cook and Associates
Regional VP for Terra-Mar Resource Information Services (Don’t let the title fool you. There were three other people in the company when I joined)
Salesman for Landmark Graphics Corp
Sales Manager for LGC
Customer Support Manager for LGC
Regional Manager of Latin America for LGC
VP and General Manager for LGC
Sales and Marketing VP for Bell Geospace, Inc
Out of work for a couple of years, with miscellanea thrown in for good measure, including VP of Pointcross for three months
Business Unit Manager for Input/Output
President and CEO for OpenSpirit Corp

And my father said I couldn’t hold a job.

You know what I miss about cold weather?


November 14, 2005

Burma and ID

I read today in the New York Times that the Burmese Military Junta has absconded upcountry for reasons unknown.

( )

One of the speculations is that they are moving because their astrologers told them to move – on a specific date at a specific time.

I am not sure why, but this makes me think of Intelligent (sic) Design.